Ranger Mine Series

The Ranger Mine series is a collection of first-person books that follow an Army Ranger and the love of his life as they lose each other, reconnect, and navigate through a series of dangerous happenings. Caught up in their story are the family, friends, and team members they care about.

Through Chase and Sam finding one another again in Remember Me, we see how the lives of all the others will change.


Remember Me: Omen and Sam

Forget Me: Squid and Erin

Lose Me: Shark and Ava

Find Me: Hyper and Cle - Coming in June


WaterProof Series (Navy SEALs)

ShatterProof is the first book in the upcoming series featuring the team of Navy SEALs introduced in the Ranger Mine series.

Lieutenant Chris "Fish" Hill has just barely stepped off the plane after one dangerous mission before he's thrust into the most important fight of his life.

Within moments, he's dodging bullets and saving the life of who would soon steal his heart; tiny, four-year-old, Ariel. With Ari seemingly safe, it's a race against time to find and rescue her mother, the woman he'll give the rest of his heart to.


Flameproof is the story of how Devil wrecked his life.

With the stupidity of his younger years behind him, he'll spend a lifetime trying to make up for his mistakes. Though redemption isn't possible for the hurt he caused the first and only love in his life, he hopes to earn a chance to meet her again in another life.

Fortunately, this lifetime is all he'll need to get another shot with an angel.