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Remember Me

Remember me is a military action story full of danger, betrayal, and love lost.
What do you do when the devil takes everything you care about?... You fight hell to get it all back.

Army Ranger Sargent Chase McDaniels was part of a mission that went south. During the mission, his identity was compromised and he was threatened with the worst kind of revenge. In order to protect those he loves, he would be forced to walk away from them. When the threat dies, he returns home, hoping to get his life back. Only, after picking up the pieces of his shattered past, he finds that someone betrayed him and sent the devil to Chase's hometown. Now that Chase has his family and the love of his life back, he'll fight hell on earth to keep them safe.


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Forget Me


Erin Westin is a strong, beautiful, interior designer that isn’t afraid of anything… until she meets Jack. When he destroys her trust, she vows to never get close to another man again. 

Captain Nathaniel “Squid” Erickson has been called in by one of his brothers in battle. Omen’s love, Sam, has been captured and losing her is not an option. During the rescue mission, he falls for Sam’s sister whose scorched past keeps her from letting him get too close.

When Nate makes one last attempt to win the affection of the ethereal beauty, the monster from her past comes hunting to reclaim his victim.

Nate will come face to face with Jack and be forced to choose. He can save one woman and destroy his brother or save the other and destroy himself.